31 December 2010

Shallow Rave - A Year in Free Music

A look back at all the (legally) free music we've posted about over the past 12 months. I guess some of these links will have expired by now - I don't know which ones, but good luck finding out. If you do find a dead link let us know in the comments and we will take it offline.

Happy New Year!

Winning Sperm Party Xmas giveaway
Disco Beard - Beardumz EP
Headless Kamikaze - B-Sides LP
Metatron "Black Christmas" EP
Zed Bias Xmas giveaway
Cottam - Causes of Colour Mix
Monokrak v Kosmo
Mungo's Hifi (Dubatak Remix)
Willow Smith v House Machine
DFRNT & Profisee
Jurgen Paape - "Take That"
Starkey - Hyponik Mix
Young Fathers (Blessings Remix)
Bigg Taj Mixtape
S-Type - Medusa EP
Kelvin Brown Swing Ting set
24 Hours of Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot - Activate!
Ben Butler & Mouse Pad ft The Niallist (Dam Mantle / Dolby Anol Remixes)
Dirty Disco Youth (Tommi Sunshine & Figure Mix)
Metatron - Journeys EP
Shy FX (MJ Cole / Breakage Remixes)
Maximalism Mix
Joe Hart - Nuit Decadente
DJ Goatface Killah pres: Ave Satanas Mix
Age Of Consent (Valis Remix)
Halloween Mixes: Menergy / Fremchbloke / Bicep
Spark (Ramadanman Refix)
Ben Butler Skwee Mix
Niallist - LUYD Mix
Halleluwah Hits 10 by Sad City
Mount Kimbie - Ruby
Church of When The Shit Hits The Fan
Detachments (T&A Remix)
Dr Nojoke - Mixes
Niallist - Lust, Caution EP
MJ Cole - Substance Mix
Quail - Vinyl Club Mix
Jaymo & Andy George (Caged Baby Remix)
Silverclub - All In All EP
Motown Meltdown
Iambic - Keep Your Hold
Sacre Noir Remixes
Dam Mantle - Super Hybrid Mix
Dizzee Spatula
Teamy "I'm A Veronica" Mix / Niallist "Major Damage" mix
Cry Parrot compilation 3
Halleluwah Hits Mixtape VIII: Wasted Magazine
Niallist Bring The Noise Mix
MusicKollektiv Vol 2
Asthmatic Astronaut - I Have To Bail, Sorry
Slayer 4K remix
New Beat Mix
Disco Beard edits
Worst Chips Ever
Shit Robot - I Found Love
Starkey - Universe EP
Rustie promo mix
Detachments (Gold Blood Remix)
Max Sedgley (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
Dr Nojoke - Clonefixnature
Miaouxmix 10
John Kamel Farah
Team Little Rock "Departures" EP
Niallist I CAME minxtape
Dam Mantle (Fox Gut Daata Remix)
Drums of Death
Twin Lizard v.4 - Silent Britain
MIA - Haters
Mount Kimbie - Field
Riz MC
EL-P on Bandcamp
Hamish Black EPs
Discopia Mix
Mos Dub LP
Morphamish ft Profisee / Texture & Kid Ritalin
Nude Pilot demo
Kode 9 - Actress Remix
I Am Blip tracks
Miaouxmix 8
Ben UFO @ Fabric
Molotov Disco mix
Fox Gut Daata Live / Ben Butler remixes
Demdike Stare Mix
Morphamish - Urge Mode EP
Drake - Forever (MRK 1 Remix)
Ben Butler & Mouse Pad - Future Tent Remix EP
Gucci Maine - Best of the Cold War Mixtapes
XMRV - Suicide Slide
Daddy Scrabble EP / Wvae Machines (Kid Adrift v Sharkz Remix)
Bicep - Say You Wanna
Metatron - Journeys EP
Molotov Disco Mix
Kryptic Minds - Swamp 81 LP
Bassclef Live
Luke's Anger - Gift Horse EP
Niallist Halleluwah Hits Mixtape Part 1
Niallist Halleluwah Hits Part 2
Line Idle Acid Mix
Line Idle & House Machine Live
Ingen - Heroin
DFRNT / Liam Arnold
Choenyi - Frequency Quilt
Miaoux Miaoux Live
Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)
Ali Renault Mixes
More Bass Clef Live
Guy Andrews - Out Of Sight
Zak Love - BSHH Poscast
Funsize 4 - Hi NRG TME Mix
Ron Trent Live @ Back To Basics
Cry Parrot compilations
Niallist Menergy Flip Mix
Low End Theory podcasr / Gaslamp Killer mix
Tanith mixes
FUCKNO compilation
Fox Gut Daata Live
Lono / Twitch / Texture
Feral - Dskasting
Smoke/Less/Fuels - Standard EP 2
Dam Mantle live & mix
Fresh Poulp is Five
Blood Of The Bull EP
Louts mixtape for Halleluwah Hits
Greg Wilson / Konx-Om-Pax mixes
Magical Mystery Chambers
Texture - Aphasia
Ronin - The Battledrums EP
Ali Renault & The Niallist - Needs
Den Haan - To Russia With Love Mix
Brosalgo - Public House Mix
Chrissy Murderbot / HW / DFRNT / Kember Norton

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