18 February 2010

Bass Clef is awesome - Download him live.

We love Bass Clef. Seriously, he's just wonderful - Trombone-led UK electronic music that mixes dub, idm, breakbeat and some weird funky vibes. He gigged at the subby at the now-defunct Kinky Afro, and pretty much blew the roof off. He's coming back to play at Stereo for Boom Monk Ben's mighty Mixed Bizness club night in April. (Full details here)

We got a hold of the recordings last time, and rinsed a few on our radiomagnetic.com show, but there's also a wee excerpt we didn't play out available here - right click to download. Reckon we might leak the whole set at some point soon.

On the Boom Monk Ben tip, his new mix is all the hip-shaking, bass-wobbling goodness you'd expect from Glasgow's Nicest DJtm, and can be downloaded from here (Go to Page). Full tracklisting over there - DJ Moneyshot, Skream, Missy Elliot. It's tasty.

Great interview with Bassclef over at spannered.org

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