5 April 2013

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Black Magic Cannot Cross Running Water

God damn. Can Blackest Ever Black do any wrong? Complementing their existing roster of dark ambient, minimal and industrial artists, their latest release comes from Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, who's black magic rituals for Hospital Productions so far have been utterly superlative. Stretching synth tones and industrial malfunctions out until they attain monolithic proportions, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement craft a form of ambience that drowns modern electronics in a brutalist swamp of afro-dread. Whilst previous releases have drawn comparisons to Raime, with their skeletal beats and noticeable dub-influence, Black Magic Cannot Cross Running Water is a mostly beatless affair more indebted to Carpenter, Lustmord and Frank Bretschneider - the second track Refugees From Black Magic opens with a strangely ominous patter of rainfall that develops a loping half-rhythm before being subsumed under a wash of crepuscular synth noise. Top quality music.

29 March 2013

Miles - Faint Hearted

Miles Whittaker, who's had his fingers in acts as diverse as Pendle Coven, MLZ, Millie and Demdike Stare basically gives us massive nerd-boners with every new release, and has chosen to follow up Demdike Stare's obnoxiously heavy Test Pressing with a full-length album under his own name. Boiling down everything from contemporary electronica and techno, to retro Chicago and old-school jungle, it's a seething mass of intricately engineered sounds, smothered in distressing levels of noise - opener Lebensform takes the fairly ubiquitous filter-house / dub techno sound and pushes it to a terrifying level of extremity, dissolving into a wall of white noise and oscillation. It just gets weirder from then on, and definitely takes a good few listens to get into.

Swingfest 2013 London - Free download

In anticipation of Denovali Record's Swingfest, they've put together a 21 track free sampler of something from all corners - Fennez, Andy Stott and Thoms Koner are all favourites, but there's a broad range of artists on the sampler that you've likely never heard much of. From sludge rock and classical piano to techno and industrial, it's a fine mixtape.

28 March 2013

Flying Saucepan Records

Today's recommended listening comes from Flying Saucepan Records, an Ayrshire-based archive label run by an old friend of Shallowrave. Designed to clear hard-drives, catalogue archives and provide an outlet for many projects that never saw the light of day, Flying Saucepan's first release proudly display their mid-90s heritage, channelling acid, rave and the Sheffield warehouse scene. Also rocking out the speakers is the first Panpod, a mix of influential and related projects that joins the dots between electro, industrial, rave and techno, and is really rather kinky. 

27 March 2013

Monokrak's latest podcast

We've written more than enough about the genius of Monokrak in the past, so you ought to know what to expect - minimal, deep, twisted techno. This month's podcast was composed by the excellent Floating Mind and is very deserving of your time.

18 March 2013

Bigg Taj FT Dj Bunty - All The Years

We've always loved Bigg Taj, so there's much love for this collab with DJ Bunty. 'Nuff Said.

12 March 2013

8 March 2013

yearoneshowtwo 450
We deliver another grab bag of funk, psyche and minimal, chaotically blended for your pleasure. Vintage bleeps, cutting edge electro, and the latest from techno’s grizzled veterans; Shallow Rave are all about the the wonkiest, weirdest and most out-there beats.


  1. Skudge – Ursa Major (Cosmin TRG Remix) – Skudge
  2. THP Orchestra – 2 Hot 4 Love – Butterfly Records
  3. Marc Houle – On It – M_nus
  4. Walton – 808 Vybzin – Hyperdub
  5. Bernard Badie – Overjoyed – Mojuba
  6. Sweet Exorcist – Test One – Warp
  7. Karl Krak – Tin Tin – Unknown
  8. Sweet Exorcist – Mad Jack (Jimi Tenor Remix) – Warp
  9. Wes Montgomery – Tequila – Verve
  10. The Slits – Newtown – Island Records
  11. Psyche – Crackdown – Transmat
  12. King Midas Sound – I Dub – Hyperdub
  13. Todd Terje – Swingstar (pt 1) – Smalltown Supersound
  14. Christian Vogel – Today’s Standard Form – Shitkatapult
  15. Sixties Guns – Lightz – Unknown
  16. Bering Strait – Surface – Apollo
  17. Indigo – Sunrise – Apollo
  18. The Black Dog – Bleep #2 – Dust Science
  19. Nothern Structures – Session 4 – Sonic Groove 
  20. Andy Stott – Ceramics – Modern Love
  21. Echologist ft Spaceape – Mercy Beat (Cosmic dub) – Resopal Red
  22. Alan Backdrop – Ramas – Motoguzzi
  23. Oliver Deutschmann – Sadness Descends (Hiver Remix) – Vidab
  24. Black Dog – Bleep #5 – Dust Science
  25. Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Microsector 50 – R&S
  26. Space Dimension Controller – Music for Spaceports - R&S
  27. Karl Sanders – Luring The Doom Serpent – Relapse
We promised, and here it is - a brand new two hour radio show from ShallowRave...

Radiomagnetic link.