28 March 2013

Flying Saucepan Records

Today's recommended listening comes from Flying Saucepan Records, an Ayrshire-based archive label run by an old friend of Shallowrave. Designed to clear hard-drives, catalogue archives and provide an outlet for many projects that never saw the light of day, Flying Saucepan's first release proudly display their mid-90s heritage, channelling acid, rave and the Sheffield warehouse scene. Also rocking out the speakers is the first Panpod, a mix of influential and related projects that joins the dots between electro, industrial, rave and techno, and is really rather kinky. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey hey HEY! Just spotted this wee link dear Shallowravers.

    I sincerely appreciate your shoutout, and shall endeavour to keep you posted as the label develops to a saucy climax before finally being archived itself...

    Mr D ;) x