13 October 2010

CHURCH OF WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN - Octo Gate / Locust Ritual EP Free Download

From our pals at Black Lantern Music - they have this to say:

"Combining the up-front, hard-edged electronic assault of Asthmatic Astronaut, on ferocious form in his first official outing since 'Super Intelligent Common Sense,' and the twisted flows of hQ, fresh from production duties on 'Vortex Cabaret,' this EP is the rawest, sickest three tracks of hip-hop / electro to come out of Scotland in a long time.

Read their insane bio for more information about the project. COWTSHTF are featured on today's Radio Scotland Music Cafe show with Vic Galloway - tune in to catch them live in session, no doubt destroying the place as they did last Sunday at the Black Lantern birthday party."

So download the EP from here, listen to it through, and then it should be about quarter past one, time to tune in to Radio One to hear the band on Vic Galloway.

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