6 September 2010

Halleluwah Hits Mixtape VIII: Wasted Magazine

It's like a meeting of minds - the boys of the Halleluwah Hits label/shop and the staff of Wasted comic, have come together for the latest in the HH Mixtape series. Though the trakcs may not appear in this order, the mix does feature:

Acetone - Juanita (Flying Burrito Brothers)
The American Analog Set - The Golden Band
The Brianjonestown Massacre - Darkwave Driver / Big Drill Car
Brothers In Sound - Leave (Glide Out)
Campag Velocet - Skin So Soft
Capitol K - Cosmonaut
Hamlet Gonashvili, Rustavi Ensemble - Tsinskaro (or Zinskaro)
Men And Women - Flowing Blood
Sennen - Where The Light Gets In

Mixtape VIII: Curated by WASTED Magazine by Halleluwah_Hits

Give it a twirl, and once you're done check out the rest in the Mixtape series (including Shallow Rave faves Dam Mantle, Louts and our own Niallist). They're really rather good! They're up on the Halleluwah Hits Soundcloud page.

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