7 September 2010

Cry Parrot Minterview & Compilation #3

Local DIY gig promoting legends Cry Parrot have just released their third compilaiton album through Winning Sperm Party (more on that below). I thought that would be a good excuse to send main Parrot Mr Fielding Hope our usual set of 10 questions to get his chops aboot.

What made you start putting on gigs?

I got really into the whole thing after seeing loads of my friends bands being exploited by promoters. Seeing them sell 20-30 tickets, play in front of no one then not being paid a penny totally broke my heart. People like Nuts and Seeds and This Is Our Battlefield really inspired me to cut the crap and refuse to put up with all the bullshit that was - and still is - going on.

I always thought of it as quite a rewarding thing, too. The idea that you can support music that you love was always an appealing idea to me.

"Cry Parrot" - how did you come up with the name?

It was my good friend Ewan - who used to be involved in Cry Parrot - who came up with it. I think it had some really deep meaning at the time, but i've completely forgotten. Whats quite funny now is realizing its uncanny similarity to 70's Scottish cult band 'Chou Pahrot'.

Pieces of eight or would you rather have a cracker?

Piece of eight as in CHOCOLATE pieces of eight? If so, pieces of eight...

What's the best gig you've put on so far?

Theres quite a lot that are really memorable: Sic Alps playing in front of the biggest, most enthusiastic crowd ever at the Glasgow Social Centre, the first New Year fest (Ultimate Thrush's first ever gig) or the time when O'Henrys were threatening to call the police during a Action Beat / Destructo Swarmbots / Vars of Litchi & Remember Remember gig. I've loved all our gigs this year, too.

And the worst (come on be honest!)?

Haha, theres a few that come to mind, but i'd say Tickley Feather at the V Club sticks out. None of the venue monitors were working and most of the band's equipment was fucking up really bad. I think it was received in good spirit by the crowd, but jeez - embarrassing stuff.

Anyone you'd like to put on you haven't?

I think i've been really lucky that most of the smaller acts I love i've been able to put on. Because Cry Parrot is independent or 'DIY', we get offered acts of a specific size and commercial outlook, while bigger promoters deal with everyone else. Right now i'd love to organize a gig for Oneohtrix Point Never, Lucky Dragons or Forest Swords.

BBC 4 or Radio 4?

I'm not much of a radio or TV man to be honest! Pretty sure i've seen some good programmes on BBC 4 but my mind fails me.

How did the albums come about?

Winning Sperm Party is such a perfect platform for new, independent music, so it just made sense. I think its helped a lot in giving people a taster of our nights and some music they might have not heard before.

What have you got coming up in the next few months?

Loads! Full listings can be seen at www.cryparrot.co.uk. Really chuffed we got Grouper, who I absolutely love. It'll be great having The Ex, Sun Araw and Gary War back, too.

Megan Fox or Optimus Prime?

100% Optimus Prime. Megan Fox can git tay.

And there you have it - proof that Fielding is more attracted to robots than he is to human beings. Of course, there is an ulterior motive to this interview, and that of course is to pimp the latest Cry Parrot compilation. Featuring 14 acts who have all played at CP at some point, the album is available as a free download from Winning Sperm Party, at this address: http://winningspermparty.com/node/759

And if our recomendation is not enough, have a look at the very impressive tracklist:

1. Adam Stafford - Shot Down You Summer Wannebees
2. Prayer Rug - A Ritual
3. Gummy Stumps - Gumbo
4. Small Scale Collisions - Goodbye To All That
5. Fur Hood - Know The Letter Know The Language
6. Galoshins - Sprayed with Blood
7. Ben Butler & Mousepad - Avocado Dream Triangle
8. Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Contact High
9. Ultimate Thrush - Ladyfingers
10. Wounded Knee - Oatcakes Oatcakes
11. Streets of Rage - Paris
12. Tangles - Sunday (afternoon)
13. Cheer - Memory Circle
14. Eternal Fags - Street Juice

So what you waiting for?

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