4 August 2010

Free Music - Dr Nojoke - Clonefixnature

Unoiki's Digital Calendar continues, with this month's release from Dr. nojoke, a dark and brooding slice of conceptual techno. Free until the 9th of August.

"How would it be when we could substitute nature just by just cloning
Would it help to understand how precious and unique it is?
The doc questions with his track “Clonefixnature” where it all
leads to:
From exploiting the earth over genetic engineering to the research on
cloning and robotic technology.

With its strange rhythmic clicks, the dark bass-loop and the wavering
and iridescent chords the track keeps us in suspense thus producing a
quite uncertain and desolate feeling about the future."
Download here.

For more from the Doc, here's his live set from the recent Freerotation Festival. Dr.Nojoke @ Freerotation Festival - 25 july 2010 by Dr.Nojoke

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