4 August 2010

George Fitzgerald - The Let Down

Awesome dubstep-not-dubstep business from Hot Flush 2 with this debut 12" from George Fitzgerald, combining lurching garage-esque percussion with fractured, mournful vocals and lush synths. In the wake of Joy Orbison's tectonic impact, Fitzgerald will doubtless be tagged as part of some "future-garage renaissance", but there's also heavy aspects of Burial in the twisted vocals and deconstructed approach to percussion. Equally, the skittering melodies of Weakness are as haunted by Theo Parrish and Basic Channel as they are by UK urban music, and both sides of the 12" absorb a richness of influences that prevents them from being consigned to any scene or genre. That said, a forthcoming release on Orbison's Doldrums label does solidify the idea of scene or sound waiting to break. For now, this comes highly reccomended for it's brittle-yet-polished production, depth of influence and delicate headspaces. Top 12". The Let Down by George FitzGerald

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