30 July 2010

The Niallist I CAME Mixtape - FREE DOWNLOAD

Part 2 of Little Rock's 3rd birthday celebrations sees the Niallist drop his "I Came" mixtape.

"I Came" is the lead track on the upcoming "Lust, Caution" EP, and will be getting a full 12" release on Little Rock with remixes from the Niallist, DFRNT and Brassica. This 20 minute tape features both the male and female vocal versions, live recordings from Optimo (Espacio) and BBC radio, guest MC spots from Shunda K (Yo Majesty), Rel$ (Nail In The Coffin) & Cindy Wondeful (Scream Club), remixes by the Niallist and DFRNT and an exclusive remix by Human Shield's Gold Blood. You can listen and download it through Soundcloud:

I CAME Mixtape by theniallist

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