19 March 2010

New Radio: Miaoux Miaoux Live

Miaoux Miaoux is gorgeous. You may remember us blogging about him a wee while back. He launched his EP Blooms down in the 13th Note a coupla nights back and let us record it. Alt-folk, electro, ambient; something like a truck full of your favourite pharmaceuticals colliding with Mum and Panda Bear.
You can buy the EP over at miaouxmiaoux.com, and Hrvatski will be available as part of the soon forthcoming FUCKNO compilation.
This week's Radio Magnetic has the performance from the 13th Note, as well as brand new stuff from Eaters (Black Lantern) and Belleruche, and unreleased tracks from Joker and Voltergeist.
Direct download.

  1. Alcane – Hash – Make: Shift records
  2. Belleruche – You’re Listening to the worlds (Asthmatic Astronaut Remix) – free download
  3. Voltergeist – Jon Connu – Forthcoming on Microrave Records
  4. Crazy P - Never Gonna Reach Me – 2020 Vision

Miaoux Miaoux Live @ 13th Note, 16/03/10

  1. Eaters – Puzzle Box – Blank Lantern Music
  2. Joker – Tron – Forthcoming on Kapsize

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