7 July 2010

EL-P on Bandcamp

Trawling Bandcamp, I found that the truly awesome EL-P has a page, with a five tunes free to download. How To Serve Man, with it's great opening samples, and the fantastic diss "that's not a mouth, it's a boredom generator powered by irritation" is probably my favourite, with EL-P ranting about how the world is really not as we perceive and everything is fucked. The repeated hook of "I hope it all turns out like you wanted it to" is just awesome.

There's also a couple of tracks demonstrating EL-P's knack for killer production (Check Aesop Rock's Gun for the Whole Family and 49 Thieves for other great examples). Meanstreak in 3 Parts is a miniturised epic, flitting between sticky electro, cut and scratched boom-bap, and Rustie-esque power-crunk in the space of four minutes. Sadly, there's no time for his esoteric flows, but it's still stunning.

Download free EL-P tunes here.

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