6 July 2010

Damo Suzuki

The world-renowned singer / multi-instrumentalist / improv co-ordinator Damo Suzuki will be playing at the CCA later this month (promoted by our friends at Cry Parrot), and amongst his line-up of improv artists this time round is the very talented (and totally nuts) Hamish Black, also known as guitarist in XMRV and Christfuck. At the age of 20, this will be his second time playing with Damo Suzuki, and he's previously shared the stage with Einsturzende Neubauten, as well as having self-released six or seven albums and toured Europe with XMRV. As well as shredding lead guitar for XMRV, Hamish also programmes, plays bass and generally fucks shit up, making drone, metal, improv and free noise. He is insanely talented.

I've been listening to his stuff for ages and thought I'd post a few links to some of the free EPs he's put out through his myspace / last.fm etc.
Hamish Black - Khudo: Heavily texturised noise - relying more on the keyboards and synths than on the guitar as a prominent instrument.
Hamsh Black - Baby (L)P - Darker, noise-based tunes.

A fair amount of music can also be found on his last.fm, and myspace. I'll try to get a condensed package up soon.

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