7 June 2010

D.I.Y. music

Sooooo... Free tunes from Ben Butler and Mousepad, Fox Gut Daata and more: surreal technicolour sound collages from Glasgow's independent scene.

Fox Gut Daata
First up, FGD live - We gave away a wee extract from his live performance at Stereo a while back, but he's just up uploaded a full live set to Soundcloud. While there's aspects of skwee, folktronica and down-tempo in his music, FGD's sound, like that of his close friends Rustie and Hudson Mohawke is most influenced by classic boom-bap hip-hop. This is awesome.
Fox Gut Daata LIVE@Concrete Streets, Fri 9th Dec 2009 by foxgutdaata
He's also remixed Dam Mantle, who have definitely taken a great deal of influence from FGD's fusion of experimental and club-orientated music.
Rebong (Fox Gut Daata RMX) by foxgutdaata
You can download Rebong for free by signing up to dammantle.com. More Dam Mantle on FUCKNO
Ben Butler and Mousepad.
Joe Howe aka Germlin / one half of Gay Against You, now makes music as Ben Butler and Mousepad, mentioned a few times on this blog - it's a proggy fusion of mad synth meandering, wonky drumming and occaisonal pop genius breaking through the mess. I've just found him on soundcloud, along with a couple of utterly nuts new tunes. Mucky sailor - requiem for a sports car (bean butler disco mix) by ben butler & mousepad
First up is a remix of Mucky Sailor, who we came across back at Croc vs Croc's mega birthday bash, which remains one of the best gigs I've ever been at. Kanye West - love lockdown (bean butler rubdown) by ben butler & mousepad
Not as good as the really, really stupid splicing of Burial's Archangel and Kanye's megahit, but I love these remixes he's doing. Grab them, and more, from his soundcloud.

You can also get the entire Gay Against You back catalogue from their Bandcamp site - surreal, lo-fi, neon-tinted madness that was all self-released with unique liner notes and packaging. Well worth finding. Look out for My Gay Unicorn - one of the most brilliantly fractured slices of pop music ever.

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