26 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO Part 26 GERMLIN

OK, we are entering the final stretches of the Countdown to Fuckno - there's now 5 days left to go.

Germlin is the now-de-artiste of Joe Howe, who in the past has been a part of Gay Against You, and is currently making music as part of Ben Butler & Mouse Pad. It didn't feel right ot have one half of G.A.Y. (yes, Average Joe Stalin IS Lachlann Ratray), one of the key acts on the original NORAVE comp, on FUCKNO without having something from the other half. So, we hassled Joe and he has kindy agreed to donate a track to the album. Hurrah!!

It's the Germlin remix of Japanese noise merchant Marousa - fine by us as Japanese noise is very NORAVE. It's taken from the album Watermelon Dude Zone, which is available to download now (donations more than welcome) from: germlin.bandcamp.com. Get it, it's great!

GERMLIN Marousa Remix

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