8 June 2010

Radiomagnetic show - No Microphone

The Niallist and his digital assistant take over the airwaves with a grab-bag of promos, new shit and exclusives.

Pitting the old school flavours of DJ Zinc against the future-step of Metatron, the post-crunk of Fox Gut Daata and the wha?-funk of Dam Mantle, The Niallist drops in for a scattershot guest session. Representing Glasgow’s independent scene with Yoko, Oh No!, Ben Butler and Mousepad and FGD, as well as the international disco flavours of Hot Pocket and Feel My Bicep, The Niallist brings the best of what’s been rocking his stereo lately.


  1. Ganja Kru – Super Sharp Shooter – Ganja Records
  2. Metatron – So Subliminal – Black Lantern
  3. Daddy Scrabble – Flying Pea – Black Lantern
  4. Fox Gut Daata – Frontal Skull Jamz (Cupp Cave Remix) – Unreleased
  5. Ben Butler & Mouse Pad ft The Niallist – Infinite Capacity (Dam Mantle Remix) – LOAF
  6. Two Cables – KRT2 – Unreleased
  7. Yoko Oh No! – Modern Bummer - Last FM
  8. J-Lab – Twisted – Little Rock Records
  9. Kinema – Circles (Secondo Vocal Remix) – Hot Pocket
  10. The Niallist & Ms Mac D – I Came (Brassica Remix) – Little Rock Records
  11. Feel My Bicep – Say You Wanna (Edit) – Unreleased
Download that badboy here
Stream that Mamaluke here

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