9 June 2010

Joe - Claptrap / Level Crossing (Hessle)

Joe - Claptrap / Level Crossing
Gah, do I only review Hessle Audio and dubstep releases? I feel I have to write a little about this though, it's one of the more interesting records I've come across in a while - two tracks of raw, loop-based techno / funky designed to embellish any track. The A-side's composed mostly of handclaps and kickdrums, with piano splashs breaking through the rhythm from time to time, and occaisonal furious beat repeat sending it all a nuts. It's almost too empty to carry a crowd, but crafty use will prove it an absolute killer. The B-Side rattles along in similar fashion, but throws in a deeper pallette of foundsounds, piano trills, and a more solid bassline before building into a cowbell-heavy funk monster. I'm tempted to say I like the B-side more, for it's hooky feel, but the more I've played with Claptrap in Ableton, the more I've come to realise that the simplicity makes for incredible versatility - even looping the first bar and firing it in from time to time gives any 4/4 tune a twisted, off-beat edge, and lifts any dubstep tune out of it's dark meanderings... Definitely one for extended mixes though.
Well worth having, but everyone's going to be playing it pretty soon.

Oh, and it's possibly, but possibly not the production-shy Ben UFO and we're all apparently very hyped about that, so here's some fun mixes from one third of Hessle Audio's tripod of awshum.
Ben UFO (Hessle Audio) @ Fabric 15.05.09 - Zonic radio show by Z O N I C radioshow

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