6 June 2010

Fuck The Government! (not ours this time)

Slovakian cartoonist Martin "Shooty" Sutovec got in a bit of bother recently for the cartoon you can see to the left. The patient pictured is Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia. The doctor is reasserting his diagnosis that the his spinal pain must be a phantom pain, because wee Boaby Fico has no spine. This being satire-savvy Britain, it all seems to me rather like a gentle spray of fuck all, but Fico has taken it pretty badly and is suing Sutovec. Far from worrying about the attack on his freedom of expression, however, Shooty has gone on the offensive.

He's designed and commissioned two billboards:

top: "I've Had Enough. Have You?"
bottom: "What is yours is ours; what is ours is none of your business.”

His plan was to pop a few up. The campaign seems to have resonated with people, though, and he's been receiving loads of donations for more. Daryl Cagle reckons he's raised about 60,000 euros from over two thousand people. Sutovec's work is now on
200 billboards and 8 really fucking big billboards. Rab Fico's wee face is now sharing space on the first one with a nice wee abstract steaming shite... I bet he's glad he gave Claims Direct a phone now. Sutovec is planning a followup run of 200,000 stickers and a bunch of postcards.

Could the artist topple the self absorbed socialist?

(I was gonna whack a tune up to accompany this post, but it seems it's not on this laptop... bugger.)


http://bit.ly/cBbPeF Copyleft - Fuck the Government....


  1. Isn't there some law in the UK that stops people for getting sued for satire?

  2. And anyway, he should be less concerned with cartoons when there are photos of him like this one floating about: http://www.sme.sk/cdata/3400366/fico.jpg

  3. http://bit.ly/cBbPeF Copyleft - Fuck the Government....
    mmm dangerous satire.