29 October 2010

Spark - Revolving (Ramadanman refix) - Free Download

Seen this one kicking about a few places now, but figured it's still worth posting. If you've followed the blog for any length of time, you'll know how we feel about Ramadanman - consistently excellent with both melody and rhythm, he's a definite favourite.
This is the first of heard of Spark, and though her voice has a lovely crisp quality, I'm always hesitant about vocals and dance tracks. Mostly, Ramadanman throws samples into the mix that filter in and out, before allowing it to collapse into a big crashing breakdown that gives Spark the centre stage. It's testament to the strength of both that this isn't immediately filed under "annoying big vocal number" - it totally works, and he's kindly giving it away for free.

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Save File: Revolving (Ramadanman Remix).mp3

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