30 October 2010

S-Type - Medusa EP (Phuturelabs)

S-Type - Medusa EP (Phuturelabs) - Free download 02/12/10
Shallowrave have known S-Type for years now, through his role as soundtech for Radiomagnetic, and he's something of a genius when it comes to production. As well as all the behind-the-scenes shiz for the Magnets, he's also put together productions for Laws, Tek (Smif 'n' Wesson) and Emilio Rojas, and taken part in tutoring at the Red Bull Music Academy. Now, with Phuturelabs' netlabel getting into full swing, S-Type delivers Medusa, a 3-track fusion of purple wow, crunk, hip-hop and dubstep that sounds like Rustie at the top of his game. That's Jagz the Smak or Cafe De Phresh Rustie, not pixellated bleep-wankery Rustie. Yeah, that good.

Mr. Lizard
rolls in on a spray of crystalline melody, all floaty and ethereal, before a Joker-esque pitch-bend riff takes over and the lopsided crunk beat boots into action. Offsetting the bump'n'grind is a double-timed hi-hat pattern that nods to juke or footwork - a reference enhanced by the chopped-up hype vocals peppering Terry Nutkins, which follows on in a blaze of oscillating bass and g-funk synths. At 140-bpm, Terry Nutkins (remember him?) could pass for dubstep, but the strength of Medusa is exactly how many different styles S-Type manages to borrow from without sounding attention deficit or kleptomanic. There's shades everything from Prince and Afrika Bambaata, to Benga and Lazer Sword, to Dr. Dre and the Yin Yang Twins. Closing the EP is title track Medusa, which bounces along on a thick bassline and hefty percussion, the squelchy electro-prog riff continually upping the ante with pitch-bend noodling and rising melodies. It's an epic slice of cosmic crunk that ought to be killing dancefloors before the year's over - with DJ support from Bok Bok, Girl Unit and Kavsrave, it's doubtless gonna be massive.

An S-type live set is available for free download over at Phuturelabs, and he can be found in the flesh playing for Mixed Bizness at GSA on December 2nd, alongside Profisee and Hint.

Check this vid...

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