30 October 2010

The End of Technics?

Yesterday Panasonic announced that it was going to stop production of the Technics 1200 turntable. It seems like a sad news day for djs and dance music in general. At the start of the last decade turntables (presumably mostly Technics, as they are the industry standard and most recognisable name) were outselling guitars. Well, it seems it may be a little premature to sound a death knell for turntables as a whole just yet - according to Gizmodo, the site that originally broke the story it is only the Technics 1200Mk6 that is going to stop being produced. And I hear nothing about the 1210 series, which is possible even more popular than the 1200s. Still, it's a shame and a sign of the times, but hey, in 10 years we will all be djing on touch screen displays anyway.

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