30 October 2010

Happy Halloween! Free spooooky mixes

Yes, its that time of year again, when darkness spreads across the land and the midnight hour is close at hand, etc etc. Due to the venue we had hired going out of business, we have been forced to cancel this years Rock'n'Shock festivities, which is a shame, but there's lots of other options for Samhain revelling (personally I highly recommend the Cry Parrot Art School party with Gary War, Ben Butler & Ultimate Thrush, and the return of Optimo Espookio). To get you in the mood, here are some free spookilicious download-able mixes.

The first two are from our own Menergy gang. We made these mixes back in May to promote the Italo Horror Party, but they seem more relevant at this time of year. Mine is a comp of all your favourite disco versions of horror themes while KZ's is a more brooding, modern take on John Carpenter atmospherics. But with some gay disco thrown in for good measure.

Halloween II - John Carpenter
Cannibal Ferox - Fabio Frizzi
Zombi - Goblin
Amityville Frenzy - Lalo Schiffrin
Prom Night Theme - Zaza & Zitter
Phantasm - Captain Zorro
Phantasmagoria / Silver Sphere Disco - Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave
NYC Theme - Budy-Maglione
Demons (Disco Beard Edit) - Claudio Simonetti
Friday The 13th Part III - Manfredini & Zager
Lust - Rinder & Lewis
Doin' It In A Haunted House - Yvonne Cage
Disco Blood - The Vamps
Soul Dracula - Hot Blood

THE NIALLIST Disco Argento Mix by Menergy Mixes

Actress- Paint Straw and Bubbles
Tobe Hooker- Haddonfield Fear Factory
Mr Pauli- The Crunch
Black Devil Disco Club- Timing, Forget The Timing
Pat Hodges- Fly By Night
Telespazio – Galileo – Rodion Mix
Goblin- Tenebre
Lory D – Bank Robbery
Bunker 2 – Dark Side of The Moon
Gique- Fulci's Rotting Children
Patrick Cowley – They Came At Night
Ajello and Daniele Baldelli – Cosmogony
The Immortals- Ultimate Warlord
Goblin- Suspira
Solenoid- Suspiriosm
Porn Darstellar- Holocaust

KID ZIPPER Cannibal Italocaust Mix by Menergy Mixes

Next up we have a special festive mix from our chums at the disco/house blog Feel My Bicep. The whole thing is three hours long and available from their website. There are loads of great tracks up on the to download too, so get over there and get clickin'.

There's no tracklist for this yet.


And finally here's an epic four hour mix from the producer Frenchbloke. Put together for a friend of his who had only just discovered Cabaret Voltaire, it features lots of cold-wave and minimal electronics form the early 80's. This is not specifially Halloween themed, but it is great, and some of these tunes are deliciously creepy!

xeno & oaklander - saracen
psychic youth - the future is now
ciaran harte - love is strange
deux - felicita
nightmoves - transdance (uk disco mix)
fad gadget - the box
the eurythmics - take me to your heart
metal urbain - panik
robert rental - a.c.c
rude 666 - the 1000 year storm
palais schaumburg - telefon
victrola - maritime tatami
rema rema - instrumental
the normal - warm leatherette (mathew stone remix)
cabaret voltaire - seconds too late
das boomerang - suzanne
oppenheimer analysis - the devil's dancers
futurisk - poison ivy
missing scientists - big city, bright lights
hiroshima chair - tu
eddie and sunshine - lines
moderne - indicatif
dark day - no, nothing, never
gorilla aktiv - spiegelbild
monte cazazza - kick that habit man
the passage - xoyo
ami marie - spiel mit mir
our daughters wedding - lawnchairs (dance club version)
daf - kebabtraume
blah blah blah - in the army
john bender - 06-27b4 (rainy day sunshine girl)
martin rev - mari
conrad schnitzler - auf dem schwarzen kanal
severed heads - adolf a carrot
emak - tanz in den himmel
soft cell - bleak is my favourite cliche
der plan - rot grun rot
the gist - iambic pentameter
yello - there is no reason
bourbonese qualk - lies
das kabinette - the cabinet
die krupps - goldfinger
klinik - moving hands
hula - poison (club mix)
chris and cosey - october (love song)
he said - a.b.c.dicks love
neon - lobotomy
portion control - go talk
john foxx - 20th century
front 242 - operating tracks
i start counting - my translucent hands
kas product - loony bin
spk - metal field
silicon teens - sun flight
dorothy - i confess
hard corps - je suis passee
daniel miller & boyd rice - cleanliness to order
malaria! - tod
holger hiller- jonny (du lump)
heaven 17 - i'm your money
voice farm - sleep
die doraus und die marinas - fred vom jupiter

The re-education of cartelmike by frenchbloke

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