31 October 2010

Happy Halloween Pt 2: Creeeepy Ads

What better way to get this All Hallow's Eve started than some fine spooky vintage adverts from Youtube? These aren't deliberately spooky, which makes them all the more creepy.

First up its the doll that won't stop laughing. Dolls are creepy enough at the best of times, but throw in some possessed looking children and a maniacal voice over and it goes off the scale:

More dolls - this whispering doll wants to kill you sometime:

Now for an all-time classic, an ad I was made aware of a few years ago by Glasgow-based artist Stina Wirfelt. This is so wrong I won't even start:

But this one takes the biscuit. I thought it would be impossible to usurp the Kinder Surprise ad as the most bizarre of all time, but dammit those Japanese have gone and done it:

There is a sequel to this ad too, if you think you're strong enough to handle it. OK, one more for the road - and remember kids to tune in at nine for the big giveaway. And don't forget to wear your masks... Happy Halloween everybody!

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