25 May 2010

Dam Mantle Live

purplearrow/rebong live by dammantle
We reviewed the EP a wee while back, and have been trying to get a decent live recording for Vishnu knows how long... Dam Mantle are without doubt one of our favourite Glaswegian acts at the moment. A fushion of wonk-hop, down-tempo electronica, and indie surrealness, they've just completed a tour with Gold Panda and Seams, and played at Stag And Dagger this weekend. We thought we'd share the above live excerpt (Purple Arrow available on FUCKNO, Rebong available via DamMantle.com) and this awesome photo of Callum Cunneen aka Louts during Dam Mantle's live performances.

****** EDIT *******

From our pals at the Slutty Fringe blog - Dam Mantle has done them a half-hour mix of general post-crunkiness. It is rather good. There's more info on this page but if you want straight at it here's the link: http://www.sluttyfringe.com/media/mix_series/slutty_fringe_mix_series_4_dam_mantle.mp3

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