28 June 2010

XMRV vs Molotov Disco

Glasgow's finest "angry jazz" act XMRV (think At the Drive In, but more METAL and female fronted) play at Nice and Sleazy's tomorrow, alongside local metal-core growlers Nude Pilots and Can-esque kraut-rockers Wrongnote. Filling in the gaps and taking us to the end will be Little Rock affiliated Molotov Disco, playing a cocktail of classics, past present and future, with a slightly heavier bent than usual. Current playlists suggest a hefty dose of post-punk, No Wave and The Cramps, plus the darker and weirder edge of club culture. As usual, there's some free tunes for you to check out....

Download an exclusive XMRV tune

Download Nude Pilot's Demo

Molotov Disco on Soundcloud.com
Molotov Disco on Radiomagnetic.com

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