17 September 2010

Menergy HEATHERS Party Tonight!

And if you're not lucky enough to live in beautiful Brighton, if you have been cursed with the misfortune of living in Glasgow, why not come to Menergy at the Flying Duck tonight? It will sound absolutely nothing like Divorce and Comanechi, but I thought that link was so incredibly tenuous that I had to stick it in.

It's a special party tonight, in tribute to the classic 80's dark-teen flick Heathers, and me and Kid Zipper will be joined by fellow Shallow Raver Teamy. And as ever, mega-bitch Lady Munter will host the petition to blow up the club - oops, we mean get Big Fun to play! More info over at Facebook.

If you do wanna know what it will sound like, there's two promo mixes floating about to promote the night, one by me and one by Teamy.

HINRG TME "I'm A Veronica Mix"

Teamy's mix is part of the Wrong Island Show on Radio Magnetic. He hasn't supplied a playlist, the lazy bugger.

THE NIALLIST "Major Damage Mix"

Sebastian Tellier - Sexual Sportswear
Gold Blood - Don't Waste My Time
Detachments - Holiday Romance (T&A Remix)
Dana & Siriusmo - Meine Welt Ist Wunderbar
Dolby Anol - Heather I'm Dry (Edit)
Sabrina - Boys (Future Shock Less Vocal Mix)
Annie - Two Of Hearts (Skatebaard High Energy Mix)
Hard Ton - Flawless
Lady Gaga - Telephone (Niallist 86 Mix)
The Niallist - Big Man (Male Vocal)

More info on Menergy over at www.menergy.tv, and here's a sneak preview of my costume for tonight (a tribute to the late great Glenn Shadix who played the priest in Heathers).

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