17 September 2010

Divorce Minterview / Tour / Split with Comanechi

If you are in Brighton tonight there really is only one place to be - the show by Divorce and Comanechi. It's gonna be fierce. The two bands have just set off on a joint tour of the UK (dates above) and tomorrow sees the release of their split 10" on Merok Records, which sees both bands combining forces on a cover of "Death Valley '69". Sweet! We sent Divorce drummer Andy Broontoon 10 questions he was nice enough to answer:

How did Divorce come together?

Friends and friends of friends. Chatting at parties about doing music and for once actually following it up.

What are your main influences?

We all like loads of different things, there's no one band or style of music that we were determined to copy. All we wanted to do was make loud music and since it's turned out pretty loud that's mission accomplished.

And anything you are reacting against?

Just because the music is aggressive doesn't mean we're exorcising any personal demons through it, in fact if anything it's just simply a hell of a lot of fun making a big stinking racket. Having a reactionary intent when making music seems to kinda miss the point, it should be enjoyable, not the place to tell the world your mum didn't hug you when you were growing up.

Paul McCartney or Heather Mills?

i could never choose between two such hideous characters. Put them both against the wall, I'm not stopping you.

How did this tour come about?

Our bassist VSO has been good buddies with Akiko from Comanechi for a few years now, both bands like each other's music a lot and we've played a few times together and good on really well. It's nice to play shows with your pals. It's even nicer that we're gonna be on a split single together too - it's just a big old love-in!

What can we expect from the split release?

A lot of volume for one. Comanechi's song on the split, "Let Me Bloom", is just mind-blowing - a huge sludgy bulldozer of a tune, love it love it love it!! On the flip-side both us and Comanechi did a cover of Sonic Youth's "Death Valley 69" together, which logistically wasn't gonna be easy, what with them living 400 miles away. We really had to nail it quick, we didn't have much time at all to get it down, but I'm personally immensely proud of it, it couldn't have gone better. It's faster, louder and longer than the original, and epic wig-out!! So yeah, we rule.

Alec Baldwin or Kim Basinger?

3rd Prize You're Fired vs. Eminem's mum?? Can't make that decision, sorry.

What's the best gig you've ever played?

There's been lots of great shows - first that springs to mind was playing with Foot Village at the CCA in Glasgow - it was with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji and Ultimate Thrush too so the line-up just ruled. People went apeshit when we played, circle-pits and human pyramids - that must be what it feels to be in Gallows or something! God... any gig where the crowd (if there is one) are up for fun, they're the best - if people stand with their arms folded staring at us, or chatting through the whole thing, it can be a bit shit. It's really great that it seems Glasgow shows we play these days in the main are really amazing fun... but it's even better when you get a great reaction out of town.

And the worst?

We've had a few stinkers but we don't let them get us down, if anything it's always funny not again reminding ourselves - 'god, do you remember that night...' etc, you can still get at least a good chuckle out of it after the fact.

Richard Burton or Elizabeth Taylor?

ELIZABETH!! Hands down - If anybody personifies 'DIVORCE' it's her!

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