30 June 2010

New Morphamish tracks

Here's some more Black Lantern Music-related business for folks to check out.

The Edinburgh-based producer Morphamish (who dropped the wicked Urge Mode EP on Black Lantern a few months back) has put a couple of new tracks up on his Soundcloud page.

Both tracks feature MCs, and the first to step up to the gauntlet is the well know Edi rapper Profisee (who recently took over Vic Galloway's New Music Scotland BBC slot for a show) with a remix of his track "Movin'". It's great to see these guys together, and the track is a wicked uptempo, slightly glitchy, double-time groover that will do as it says on the tin.

Profisee-Movin(Morphamish remix) by morphamish

The other track gets a big shout out from us featuring as it does Black Lantern/Weaponizer's Texture but also Shallow Rave's very own Kid Ritalin! It's more downtempo and even more glitchy, with a head nod feel helped by raps that reference the Invisibles (surprise!), Dark City and a general dystopia. It's called "Silver Age".

Silver Age-feat.Texture+Kid Ritalin by morphamish

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