1 July 2010

Monokrak 050 - Smoked Monokrak

More awesomeness from the excellent Monokrak, a label who eschew polished presentation, aggressive social networking and marketing in favour of turning out excellent dub-techno on a regular basis. There's a heavy Detroit influence on both the content and delivery - the minimal advertising mindset obviously borrows heavily from UR / Basic Channel / Traxx, and the synths are pure Carl Craig. Floating Mind's Dexter's Techno is probably my favourite, with cinematic synth chords set against muted pads and raw hi-hat riffs. Like the best techno, it's deceptively deep on headphones or in the flat, but bangs with the best of them through a half-way decent soundsystem.
For an EP, it's surprisingly well-structured, with the oddly-titled 3rd track, Prologue from GeorgezB, moving from 4/4 grooves to synth-laded passages and building a deep atmospheric feel before the full on techno of Floating Mind's final track kills it in the final round. Before this, we're treated Durcheinander's Stimmen, which comes on like T++ doing braindance, with that Berghain kick sound pitted against unstable beat repeats and almost overpowering synth swathes.
One hell of an EP - a DJ tool and home listening that's a definite case in point for the Creative Commons - get it downloaded.
Get it Here.

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