3 June 2010

Demdike Stare and that

I've had Demdike Stare recommended to me as my-kind-of-thing three times now, and so at some point last night/this morning I finally  took the plunge and started battering through their stuff on soundcloud.

  Demdike Stare Mix - MovingMetals by modernlove

It is good shit, but it has also made me wonder exactly what it is about it folks were so confident I'd like... is this my sort of thing? I had been sort of expecting clattering drums and stuttering syncopation framed by dub with a ravey skeleton. No idea why, and now I'm wondering what I think I like, and what I think other people think I like, and why I would think people would think that I would like that, and then what that says about me. What do I actually like, anyway?

I also went to the Eclipse mini-site today (yeah, that Eclipse... god, vampires are so dreeeeeeeaaamy...) after Warp Records tweet me go listen to the new Battles track over there. They sound like they've vainly attempted to clone Brian Wilson and ended up with some weird navel-less and nipple free beach boy on vocals instead(Vat sounds?). I'm not mad keen, to be honest. Sorry Warp. I shall not be linking to that.

Back to Demdike Stare... I just found they are named after a witch, Demdike. Her other name was Elizabeth Southerns, and she was one of the Pendle Witches. It all makes sense now, Pendle Coven and all. I don't know about you, but I'm really enjoying the occult
techno vibe, perhaps even more than I am the music. That said, I'm not sure it'd be as intriguing if I was listening to Justin Bieber...

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