3 June 2010


Orphan101 isn't a name I've come across before - he's apparently making big waves in Bristol's ever-fertile scene - but having listened incessantly to the promos of his forthcoming Tribtek pt 1 & 2 EP, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's destined for greatness. Headhunter, Abbleblim and Pinch are all lending their support, which would seem to put him squarely in the 'dubstep' bracket, but it's the cross-over appeal of the track that interests me most. The tribal percussion is very reminiscent of Shackleton (without doubt one of the best artists in modern electronic music), and the dub delay resembles Martyn or Peverelist, but with a 4/4 beat and crisp, minimal synths, it's got as much in common with Villalobos and the more experimental end of house music as it does with dubstep. As with Kavsrave, Joy Orbison or Scuba, the greatest appeal of this record lies in it's genre-dissolving sound - like all good music, it draws the best from the hip and the timeless, and throws in enough fresh ideas to challenge DJs and listeners. This is pretty bloody awesome.

The double-sided vinyl with be released later this month and Saigon Recordings' release schedule will continue with tracks from Gravious, Ike Release and Duffstep. Keep an eye on these guys...

Mix by Orphan101 for Bassmusic blog can be found here. Nice. Orphan101 - Tribtek Pt. 2 (SAIGON001) - Sample by Saigon Recordings
Orphan101 - Tribtek Pt.1 (SAIGON001) - Sample by Saigon Recordings

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