25 December 2010


So, if you were paying attention back in April, the name Headless Kamikaze should be familiar - he was one of the featured acts on our FUCKNO compilation. Alexander Kibanov is from Russia and makes short, angry spazblip that is only slightly reminiscent of Napalm Death mincing a warehouse full of old Casios. Alexander has almost called it a day on making music, and we are proud to be able to present one of his last ever releases. With nearly 40 tunes, it's a compilation of rare tracks, unreleased material, and as the title would suggest, b-sides. ATR fans should definitely check this out.

1 1984 (1st)
2 Bird (1st Version)
3 Cats (1st Version)
4 Closed Mouth (Instrumental)
5 Digital Hardcore Song (1st, Fn Vrsn)
6 Don't Know (instrumental)
7 Eleonor Rigby (The Beatles) [Instrumental Elecro Midi Jazz Version cover]
8 Everest (Instrumental)
9 Milgram Experiment (Early Version)
10 Fast Song 2009
11 Following The Summon (Instrumental)
12 For What?
13 Individual Dissonance (New Version) (Instrumental)
14 Kanat (cover Tretii Put')
15 La Crise vs. La Macroecomomie (Instrumental)
16 Lusia Spine-Tv (Instrumental)
17 Maniachila (Instrumental)
18 Maniachila (Not Full Version)
19 Medveder'mo (Instrumental)
20 Ne Vedis' Na Provokacii (Instrumental)
21 Propovednii Grifi, Molitvennaya Padal' (Instrumental)
22 Psy-Weapon 2009 (Phonogram 2008)
23 Psycho (instrumental)
24 Rastvorenniy
25 Stop Your Fear 2009
26 The Streets (Demo Version)
27 Untitled 4
28 Untitled 5
29 Time (2009 Version)
30 Waves (1st Version)
31 xCrossed_Imbecilx (Instrumental)
32 Me (Instrumental)
33 Zabei Na Vse Te Chisla (2st Version)
34 Zabei Na Vse Te Chisla
35 Harakiri (Instrumental GrOb Cover, 2008)
36 Untitled (2008)
37 Sid & Nancy (Instrumental Lumen Cover, 1st Version, 2008)
38 Psychocide - Psychadelic Days (lyrics and vox by HK, electronix by schwl, guitar by zifir)

Download it here.

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