13 July 2010

Free Riz MC

I have to admit, I'd never heard of Riz MC, one of the central actors in Chris Morris' awesome Four Lions before now, but the fact that he's dared to take on a tune as anthemic as Chase and Status' Eastern Jam marks him as a fairly bold MC. That he does so with a full brass band and comes up winner means I'll definitely be keeping an eye on him in the future. We've kindly been given permission to distribute it for free - dig it.
Riz MC's debut single - Hundreds and Thousands is out now, and his debut album will be out in September.
Download it here


  1. Phew! From the headline I thought he had been detained by the police - because that's what happened after his involvement in the Michael Winterbottom film The Road To Guantanamo.


  2. Ahh thank you, nothing better than free music :D Except, Good free music. ॐ

  3. Trying to remember where I first heard him... Think it was a couple of years back, maybe? It was when he did this video, post 911 blues: