15 February 2010

Free music Monday.

My PhotoMan with a Mission, Chrissy Murderbot is aiming to make one mixtape a week for a year - he's at week 38, and has covered such niche genres as Classic Ragga Jungle, Bobby O, Booty Bass and Steppa's Reggae. Currently, he's going through Chicago House.
Each mixtape's preceded by a brief chat about the genre / style he's covering, The Ghettotech mixtape is particularly good.

Currently also enjoying free downloads from H.W. - A Year's Worth of Worry (right click) Lyrical, poetic, introspective hip-hop from Boston. Seems to be popular across the blogosphere / music sharing culture. Looking into his label Delusional at the moment, so expect a full review shortly.

I'm also digging the lazy slurtronica of Kember Norton, slow, meandering, unfinished pieces of ambience that gradually build emotional potency; something like Oren Ambarachi or Mum if they'd been raised on cider in the west country. Lovely dreamscape stuff. Direct download.

And there's more from DFRNT over at his website. Can this guy do no wrong? There's an awesome remix of Origin Unknown just gone up recently.


  1. thanks for the kind words man, if you ever do review the album or want an interview, let me know