3 May 2010

3hours of sonic pleasure

Lono - Hello El Oh En Oh Mix
Mount Heart Attack are one of Glasgow's finest nights, spinning a twisted mix of wonk, techno, garage and everything in between, they bang the hell out of La Cheetah (Max's Kansas City) once a month. Last month saw the legendary Jason Leach knock the fuck out of it, and this saturday sees them bringing Ben Pest and 3d!t along for the party (11-3, 7/8bucks.) For now, Resident Lono's put together a surreal mix of country, electro, garage and wha? Awesome.
Hello el oh en oh by ryan_j_smith

Texture - Neural Lace
Nae more wubstep, Black Lantern / Weaponizer head honcho Texture has done a wee trip-hop, chill-out mix. Autechre, HudMo, Soom T and the like. Ya dig?
Neural Lace by Texture

Twitch Mixing for LuckyMe
You don't really need to be told much about LuckyMe / Ballers Social at the moment - they're deservedly media darlings, and put out HudMo's first big hit before Warp snapped him up. However, their mixtape series is awesome and is up to the 70th now, including Rustie, HudMo, Hrdvision and more. I've just got round downloading Twitch's mix for them, and it's awesome. No tracklisting, no clues, it's Twitch. Go download.

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