14 May 2010


For the Edinburgh peeps, one of Glasgow's finest metal / punk / spastic acts XMRV are playing across at Bannermans on Sunday night (that's May 16th). Doors are at 8, and entry's free. For the uninformed, think a more melodic version of Dillinger Escape Plan, or Delta 5 if they'd grown up listening to Black Metal and you're not really very close. Live, they're a frenetic explosion of bass / guitar collision, math-rock drumming and vocals that veer between delicate lilt and throat-shredding scream. We likey.

They've kindly given Shallowrave an exclusive free download of Suicide Slide, from their first self-released EP (available at gigs only). Get it here.

They're currently working on an album, and have gigs in Bloc next month, as well as playing Distorted Picnic this summer. They've toured Europe and played a number of festivals, and we expect big things from them in the near future. Be there.

Download XMRV - Suicide Slide


  1. just to let ja know that its four quid in the door at bannermans, yet Bloc is free. best four quid you ever spent though ;)

  2. Charge the Edinburghers but let the Weegies in for free - I like it!