11 February 2010

Molotov Disco

So, attention deficit as we are at Little Rock, everyone's got six other projects on the go.
Molotov Disco is a transient club night spinning a cocktail of classics, past, present and future, and features Kid Ritalin (Team Little Rock), alongside OCD and Kyriakov. Mixing smoothly between reggae, funk, techno, disco, dubstep and all the rest, Molotov Disco is all about crossing genres and combining all that's club-friendly.

There's a sample mix available for direct download. Tracklisting above, art by Peter Collins (www.collinspeter.com).
Molotov disco demo by molotovdisco
Two gigs for your diary, both Thursdays, both in the State Bar (Holland St.)
Both gigs are free, booze is cheap and the tunes are great.

Thursday 25th Feb.
Thursday 25th March.

See you down there.

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