18 May 2010

Early Morning Music

It's very early in the morning, I have a bunch of work to do, and here's some of the music that I am feeling as I do it.

DADDY SCRABBLE Thingy EP (Black Lantern Music)

The latest release on Black Lantern is a bit of a departure, while still remaining in the BLM ballpark. Some very lush jazz horn arrangements rub up against looped and stuttered vocal samples, live drums and fat synth bass, on what seems like mostly live-recorded tracks that have been treated a lot in the post-production. The musicianship is really great on this one, another quality free download from BLM. Early morning jazz baby. Yeah, I must be getting old.

WAVE MACHINES Keep The Lights On (Kid Adrift v Scharkz Mix)

I did a couple of remixes of this tune myself (as did a lot of people I know - none of which got accepted). But right now I am feeling the almost "Requiem For A Dream" orchestration-meets-heavy dubstep vibe of this mix by current hot property Kid Adrift and our mate at the BBC Mr Alim. Nice ending too.


And just for the sake of it, from one of my favourite albums of last year (mostly due to this tune). They may look weird but this tune is beautiful - like Angelo Badlamienti covering John Barry. The always had a bit of a comedown vibe, so I am glad to report it works just as well when you're getting up as when you're nodding off.

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