21 July 2010

Twin Lizard v.4 - Silent Britain

Twin Lizard V.4 - Silent Britain EP
Combining two of my favourite things, hip-hop and net audio, Twin Lizard have been honing their craft and reinventing themselves for more than a decade, emerging as an ever-changing and ang
rily political hydra-headed beast. Their current incarnation takes the leftfield UK style of Braintax, Mud Fam, Lowlife et al and splices it with hefty guitars, and to-the-point boom-bap. It's not reinventing the wheel or heralding a new dawn for MCing, but Twin Lizard spit intelligent and witty flows over faultless beats... Awesome.

I've always thought Braintax's most enduring line was "it's one for the treble, two for the floor, I'm Yorkshire to the bone, I don't copy New York", because it's a perfect statement of intent - a self-declaration that beats any big dick / car / gun bragging hands down. Twin Lizard do showboat, especially on opening track Statement of Intent, with Canadian counterpoint Daddy Lizard spitting that he's "decapitating hip-hop heads who don't believe / resuscitating breathless spirits who don't grieve / you motherfucking ringtone rappers need to leave", but for the most part, any braggadocios flows are handled with humour and intelligence.

Like Lowlife's crew, TL spit in Lincoln accents about British subject matter and British politics, raging about the failings of British government on polemics like Introducing... Citizen Tat and Single Motherland. It's fiery, tight and maturely observed hip-hop that manages to suck you up into the production without losing sight of the message, or lapsing into pure linguistic trickery. This is some of the most impressive UK hip-hop I've heard in a while.

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