21 July 2010

Jeff Mills @ Sub Club, Fri 23rd July

I was going to post about this year's boring Mercury prize shortlist, but it's just so fucking boring that instead I will say: Jeff Mills is playing a set at the Sub Club this Friday. Yes, THAT Jeff Mills is playing in THAT Sub Club - it's going to be very busy, very hot and very banging, and all to celebrate the launch of the new Rubadub website, which is an exciting event in itself. In fact, it looks like the perfect conditions for it to go "right off", as the kids are known to say.

They have already sold out the advance 400 tickets, but today they have put an additional 200 out for sale in the Rubadub shop (35 Howard St, Glasgow). So get there quick if you want to get one, as no doubt these will shift like hot cakes filled with smack. And money. Here's what the Subbie have to say:

"On the 23rd Of July Jeff Mills will be playing a rare set in the intimate confines of the Sub Club to celebrate the launch for the all new Rubadub website designed by Remote Location.

He'll be playing a 3 hour set in what promises to be a very special night.


Oops, got my info mixed up there, turns out the 200 tickets will be on sale ON THE DOOR and NOT FROM THE SHOP. So get your queuing shoes on!!

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  1. I'd have loved, LOVED, to have been there. Jeff Mills is a legend.