20 July 2010

Loke WIlson

Loke Wilson is an electronic musician from Norway who now lives in Turkey. His music is like a cross between Giorgio Moroder and Vangelis, like epic kids cartoon themes by way of Alden Tyrrell. But it is his somewhat "naive" videos that are making him a hit on Youtube. Here's one, the bizarrely titled "Prune Slicker":

This is slowly building up to being a sensation. Yet while this ticks many boxes of perfect internet memedom I think it lacks the kind of self-delusion required to blow it up to superstar status. Some of the Youtube comments are quite telling - one poster can't believe that in the three years that "Prune Slicker" has been online, he/teh internetz has only just discovered Loke. Perhaps intenetz culture is not as fast moving and as all-knowing as its users would like to think? But his following in Italo and electro circles is growing because of the quality of the music, and his future as a true geek hero is assured.

Anyway, whatever happens, this music is good, Mr Wilson has a lot of charm (both naive and knowing) and if you would like to hear more of his music, then this Mediafire page has free download links to nine of his tracks.

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