16 August 2010

Free Starkey

I love Amon Tobin - his album Permutation, with it's deep, psychedelic take on D'n'B played a pivotal role in introducing me to mid-nineties Ninja Tune, and was therefore a massive part of my introduction to dance music. It's as important as Keep it Unreal, the Zen comps, or the Cinematic Orchestra's Man With a Movie Camera (which, along with Biosphere's soundtrack, made studying Russian cinema a hell of a lot more accesible).

Dude soundtracked Splinter Cell.

He's possibly even more influential on my generation's psychological make-up than the widely available council hash of the 00's.

Minor memory lane trip aside - Amon Tobin's been a bit silent on the production front for a while, but his website boasts a variety of free downloads from similarly-minded individuals, including pendulum-meets-metallica bass-head Excision, and the excellent Noisa. This month, we're treated to a 3-track EP from Starkey, who I was lucky enough to catch DJing in the intimate Captain's Rest a couple of months back, and was basically awesome. Rich, beasting dubstep with a hefty hip-hop influence is the order of the day. You need to download this.

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