8 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 8, Dr. Nojoke ft Kid Ritalin

Dr. Nojoke Ft. Kid Ritalin - Sublimacy

Dr. nojoke's been given a fair bit of schpiel on this blog before (here, here and here), and Kid Ritalin is of course a major part of Team Little Rock. Sublimacy was born of a shared fascination with minimalism, experimental music, post-modernism and apocalyptic concepts - a dark construction of growling bass, metallic clanks and sparce rimshots backing scattershot flows. Straddling dubstep, clickno, hip-hop and spoken word, it's a complex and twisted peice of art.
Dr nojoke is a godhead of the creative commons / netlabel scene, having released on bleepsequence, Leporelo, Tropic and more, as well as curating the Unoiki experimental platform. His live and DJ sets can be accessed through the links, though we highly recommend the Techno For Food live set from earlier this year.
Dr.Nojoke - Techno for Food live set 2010 by Dr.Nojoke
Kid Ritalin appears on Black Lantern Music very soon and has two EPs due on Little Rock very shortly.

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