17 March 2010

Dr Nojoke - Sublimacy ft Kid Ritalin

I was across in Berlin recently to record with Dr Nojoke. Obviously, I had a little extra time, so put it good use.Berlin's graffiti culture is awesome, and O2 World has become the biggest symbol of vapid capitalist culture. The Television Tower was the greatest symbol of totalitarianism; an overarching eyeball reminding east Berliners that there was nowhere for them to hide, and a raised middle finger to the west stating technological superiority.
There's a Starbucks around the base of it now.

The O2 arena is the capitalist equivalent; a fat, homogeneous beast crouching amidst the cultural vibrancy of the East; a white sprawl looming over the dense psychedelia of the Berlin Wall Gallery. It's a bland tribute to money and conformity, and in a city famed for it's club culture and experimental music scene, O2 world is the venue of choice for bland pop, over-wrought dinosaur rock bands and big-chain CD stores.

I'll post a few of the better images from elsewhere in the city later, for now, here's the finished Dr nojoke / Kid Ritalin collaboration, due to be released as part of FUCKNO, Little Rock Records epic compilation.
Sublimacy Ft. Kid Ritalin by Liam Arnold

Thanks again to Dr Ruth for the art.

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