28 September 2010

Divorce / Breaking Colts @ Fight Club

SLAYED on Sunday night at the Tiger Lounge in Manchester. But then, I always knew they would! Though the current hectic tour schedule may be taking its toll on the members' minds (and ears), it's making their sonic assault tight as fuck. If you have a chance to check out any of their remaining dates, do, you will not be disappointed. There are lots of lovely tour photos over on the Divorce blog.

All the bands on the bill rocked, but I particularly liked Breaking Colts, a female duo wading their way through a sea of sonic sludge armed with only a bass and a drum kit. It's heavy. I was stoned. Result! Fans of Holy Mountain should check them out - here's their Myspaz: http://www.myspace.com/breakingcolts

and here's a clip of them playing live:

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