28 September 2010

The New Model 500 shits on your techno.

I've always been a big fan of Model 500 - when discovering the Detroit and Chicago scenes far to late after the fact, Model 500's mentalist blend of booty, electro and techno was one of the most important sounds for me. Of course, I've as much love and respect for Magic Juan as for Saunderson, Derrick May, Carl Craig and the rest of techno's innovators, but Model 500 just have something that pushes all the right buttons and pushed them HARD. OFI is a total return to form as well - a booming kick drum beats the bar out whilst Juan gibbers on about something to do with the mothership. Nippy trills of redux and delay recalling the heady days when pretending to be a robot was still cool. The intro itself is so fucking awesome, you're half expecting them to blow their load and go into mediocre techno, but OFI kicks in full force with rattling 808 kicks and claps, arpeggiated synths and big nasty stabs of high-end. Welding the forceful funk of booty-bass to a sleek techno undercarriage, it's honestly one of the best peices of electronic music I've heard for ages. On the flipside, Huesca is much more straight-up - a four to the floor mix of brilliantly raw percussion, swooping, widescreen synths and epic breakdowns. It's just fucking awesome really.

This one goes straight onto the permanent playlist, and I've not even mentioned the Mad Mike remix yet... oh hells yes.

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