24 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 24 Kylie Minoise.

Live in fear puny mortals! The "slobbering one man aural Hari-Kiri" of Kylie Minoise is once again unleashed on the world. Using microphones, effects pedals, electromagnets and physical contortionism, KM creates devastating blasts and waves of feedback which pummel the listener into submission.

Something of a local legend, as well as an international superstar (check his 'live in Japan' EP), we're very pleased to have had him play for us back at our 2008 xmas party. It was terrifying, though not as much as his legendary one-on-one shows at Instal. Line up to get locked in a small, darkened room with Kylie and his high end sonic assault. What? You're scared you say?

Well here's a little something to get you in the mood, taken from his forthcoming album, the fantastically titled "Sid Vicious Occult School Of Motoring":


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