25 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 25 The Radiation Line

The Radiation Line are a surreal, dark-minded, experimental collective from Stirling, Glasgow and elsewhere, who fuse the drone / ambient styles of SunO)))), Tribes of Neurot et al with acid-fried shimmering guitar lines and disturbing feedback. We first met them at our anti-xmas party, co-organised by White Jam and became firm friends over drunken ramblings about psychedelica, heaviness and experimental music.

A dark and impenetrable fog of feedback; ominous gurglings as the earth shifts beneath your feet; light sprays highlight blurred shadows; exiled pagan monsters break bones beneath their hooves. That is the Radiation Line.

The Radiation Line have released a number of self-pressed, limited edition EPs, available from Avalanche, Monorail and at live gigs, but a recent bootleg recording from the 13th Note is available here (linked from their myspace). This year sees them releasing their debut full-length on Infinite Exchange records, a split 7" with Basillica for Turgid Animal records, as well as EP5 and EP6.
They also begin a tour on the 29th of April at Forest Cafe in Edinburgh, covering Scotland and Northern England. See their myspace for full details.

The Radiation Line - Brandishing the Light Eternal

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