20 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 20 Texture.

Beatsmith, wordsmith, member of the gutter press, DJ, curator of Black Lantern music and Weaponizer, Slam Poet, MC, Ungodly Spambot of Twitter and friend of Team Little Rock. Ladies, gentlemen and any other dominant lifeforms, Little Rock are proud to present Texture.
Texture's biography would take far too long to fill in here - suffice to say, as a journalist, author, slam poet and MC, Texture's passion is words (Check out his Aphasia EP on Black Lantern to hear more). However, he also produces and DJs, and has contributed a rare solo production for FUCKNO. A Dark Wind Blows' only vocals are taken from a certain group of Canadian anarchists, and are backed by a dark, throbbing electro pulse interspersed with delicate melodies.

Dig it.
Texture - A Dark Wind Blows


  1. Aw, don't Bram look cute in that photo? One would almost NEVER suspect.


  2. Gee thanks Niall! Srsly guys, cheers for the support, glad you dig the track