20 April 2010

I can't believe it's not Dissident

From Resident Advisor....

"Less than a year after closing his acclaimed Dissident label, London-based DJ and producer Andy Blake has set up a new imprint called Cave Paintings.

Primarily a platform for Blake's own releases, the label will be run with a no-frills approach: all tracks will be recorded live in one take on analog gear, and releases will be available exclusively on vinyl. Chatting via email earlier this week, Blake filled us in on what the new imprint is all about:"

Will he be smart enough to bring The Niallist aka House Machine to follow up his successful Dissident releases Remember and The Hots? Will there be more Ali "God, he's awesome" Renault? More Binary Chaffinch aka Kruton? Or will we be seeing an entirely new crop of analogue musicians ripping it up?
Time will tell.

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